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याना in Sanskrit is Yāna – ‘path of enlightenment’, a ‘vehicle to ease and speed the journey’. Yana is also my birth name. It comes from the river in Northern Siberia, where I was born. Mala is a garland of 108 +1 beads, used for praying, chanting mantras or counting breaths during meditation. 108 is a sacred number of the wholeness. The +1 is a Guru Bead that reflects the awareness and reverence to the guru within and without. Bead by bead of your mala are like steps of a ladder – your ‘path of enlightenment’

याना – 'Yana Joy' are meditation malas, designed with the intention to serve you as a ‘vehicle to ease your journey’ to YourSelf.

Here is how this caring intentional process works

Malas are not only a tactile ingredient of meditation. They add another dimension to the inner work your are doing. Semiprecious gemstones malas are made of, all come from Mother Earth, and carry a subtle vibration that plays a dynamic role in the stone’s healing and protective energy.

When clients approach me with a specific concern, they look for a mala that would aid them on their journey through it. And that’s when an intuitive healer and a craftswoman in me, step in.

You come to me for a piece of Mindful Intentional jewelry, handcrafted for your specific need.

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