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My dear people, in this video I share a vulnerable topic about quite a tough chapter of my life that shaped me as a woman, gave direction to my professional yogic career and gave birth to my workshop "Making Peace with Anxiety". To me, speaking up means: to accept and reconcile with your traumas, and to make stagnant energy of your pain body to flow. I have been "there", I hit the rock bottom. It took me years to integrate what I went through, and transform it into a learning experience. All the tools that I used for that have been around for centuries. What I did was to bring them together and practice, practice, practice. And that's what I pass along to you in my workshops.



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"If your emotions and state of mind affect your breathing,

your breathing can affect  your emotions and state of mind."

- Yana Kazbekova E-RYT500

Join me for a journey around The Wheel of Healing - a 12-step evolution of FEELING we go through on our way toward healing.

Making Peace with Anxietyis a successful fusion of yogic breathing and movements, meditation, neuroscience and deep personal insight brought together by a yogini who lived with severe anxiety for a couple of decades of life.

This event is a hands-on experience of self-exploration, where we'll:

  • change oxygen levels and chemistry of the blood;
  • modify our cardiac rhythm;
  • manage our mental and emotional state;
  • adjust the temperature and energy flow in the body.
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All that, by using our divine gift and valuable tool we've got for free - our BREATHING. The story shared and exercises presented in this workshops will help you gain confidence in faith in your inner power and transformation.


  • extract of the instructor's book in progress "Beyond Assumptions";
  • 12-step evolution of FEELING around The Wheel of Healing;
  • mental patterns that cause physical symptoms typical to stress and anxiety; alternatives to confrontation;
  • kryas suggested by UCSD BioCircuits Institute as an effective non-invasive approach to anxiety, panic and stress disorders.


  • suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, chronic or acute stress;
  • live with individuals in these conditions;
  • work in high pressure competitive environments;
  • are exposed to extended periods of tension;
  • suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder;
  • therapists, healers and yoga teachers.


  •      Yoga studio and  corporate formats.
  •      3 hours, 5 hours and 2 days - 8 hours (4+4).
  •      All levels welcome. NO previous experience necessary.
  •      Dress is non-restrictive clothing.
  •      18 to 70 years old welcome.
  •      Yoga mat required.
  •      Cushion or blanket for comfortable sitting recommended.
  •      Bottle of water recommended.
  •      Have a meal NO less than 1 hour before the event.

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