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Being Yoga Breath & Colors is a wellness business, established in 2008, by Yana Kazbekova E-RYT500. We help you feel good, bringing yoga culture to your everyday life. We show you how to build a habit of Body Awareness, Balance, Proper Breathing And Positive Thinking.

We serve you internationally through the web and in-person in San Diego county.

We specialize in TWO groups of population: ADULTS with anxiety, panic and stress disorders & ELDERLY with physical and cognitive impairments.



Meet Yana…




My name is Yana Kazbekova, I am a multicultural yogini who also holds a university degree in Spanish Linguistic.

I was born in Siberia and grew up in Ukraine. At the age of 13 I was diagnosed with advanced scoliosis. That brought me to the corrective gymnastics and autogenic training, which is how yoga and meditation were called in my country back then. I was lucky to find a knowledgeable teacher, who walked me gently into the world of yoga and made it my way of life. Yoga inhabited me forever, it matched my temperament and worked the best for my health condition.

Since young adult, I’ve traveled and lived in different parts of my country and the world, learning yoga with teachers from Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, India and USA. My formal methodical practice of this discipline commenced in Mexico, where during my years of severe anxiety, I discovered the healing side of yoga. I received my Teacher Training with a Master from Kerala (India), whose unique approach showed me the science and art of yoga. Read more…

Story behind the logo…

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याना is a Sanskrit word that means ‘path of enlightenment’, a ‘vehicle to ease and speed the journey’. This word is pronounced as  Yāna.  Yana is also my birth name. It comes from my place of birth – the Yana River in Yakutia, to the North-East of Siberia, Russia. The connection between my given name, this word in Sanskrit and my life journey towards yoga is truly meaningful to me. This is why I chose याना to be the logo – a symbol that represents me, my mission in life and my yoga business.

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