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About Emotional Transformation Program

Emotional Transformation Program “Making Peace with YourSelf” is a six-week one-on-one program meticulously elaborated to help you break through the patterns that cause you physical and emotional response to stress triggers, that we commonly call ANXIETY. Video About The Program
This program is for people who for extended periods of life have been suffering from anxiety, emotional exhaustion, stress, sleep disorders or anxious eating. People, whose professional, personal and even intimate life is currently affected by those symptoms.
This program will NOT find you a high paying job, or your better half your were seeking for so long, or solve your family conflict, etc…. All these concrete circumstances are currently affecting your physical and emotional performance, which is what is causing you anxious state of mind, panic attacks, fatigue, insomnia and so on (reason why you’re reading about this program right now). The activities contemplated in my program help you regain sleep and control of your breathing and mental state. They are the tools you need to solve your situation and move on. So, like the video says, this program gives you tools AND, most importantly, the awareness of you being in a realistic control of your healing. You cannot heal your life without gaining this power back, and my program helps you with that.


Making Peace with YourSelf 6weeks
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  • What do you, as a client, invest for the cost of this Program? – 60 hours of your commitment, distributed throughout the course of 6 weeks.
  • What do I, as the author and leader of this program, invest? – 500 hrs in training, 6000+ hours in gaining teaching expertise and at least 200 hours in preparation of this specific program. Plus, my life experience, which is the main motor and reason for me to offer this program. My whole life is my investment.
Philosophy behind “Making Peace with Your Self”: Your mind can only fully be on one thing at a time, you thoughts or your breathing. When you are focused on your thoughts (which happens most of times), you ignore your breathing. When you change your focus to your breathing, you are not absorbed by your thoughts anymore and you give your mind a break. And, when the restless mind is not on the way, your body activates its healing mechanisms where they are most needed. Now, when you reconnect to your breathing, you get in touch with your inner energies, with Your inner Self. And that itself creates more understanding and harmony with and within yourSelf. Hence “Making Peace with YourSelf”.
When we make peace with someone, we give them our undivided attention. Therefore, the best way to make peace with your Self, is by focusing your attention on your breathing.
This is the philosophy of my six-weeks program. It gives you multiple tools, plenty of time for practice and my close guidance. And this is the advantage a one-on-one program has over a group setting. It makes it easier to create a safe space for you to allow for the transformation to happen. A safe space for you to look into yourself and embrace that in you, what you’d rather get rid of.
No previous experience in yoga required.
Please contact me for the installments option.

6-week program

About the Instructor

My name is Yana Kazbekova (VIDEO ABOUT INSTRUCTOR), I am a multicultural yogini and a registered E-RYT500 teacher who also holds a university degree in Spanish Linguistic.
At the age of 13 I was diagnosed with advanced scoliosis. That brought me to the corrective gymnastics and autogenic training, which is how yoga and meditation were called in my country back then. I was lucky to have a knowledgeable teacher, who walked me into yoga so wisely that it became my way of life. Since young adult, I’ve traveled and lived in different parts of my country and the world, learning yoga with teachers from Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, India and USA.
My formal methodical practice of this discipline commenced in Mexico, where during my years of severe anxiety, I discovered the healing side of yoga. I received my Teacher Training with a Master from Kerala (India), whose unique approach showed me the science and art of yoga.
Making Peace with Your Self private sessions are not a random choice of mine. During a couple of decades, I lived with anxiety, oxidative stress, insomnia and panic attacks that took quite a toll on my life in my 20s and 30s. After multiple attempts to treat it with prescribed medicine, I dived into the world of healing energies. I learned how to observe, to accept and love all of Me… my body, my emotions, my feelings and fears…. Little by little, I started with hope that grew into faith and later became a firm determination to heal. On my way, I was lucky to be introduced to different spiritual healing traditions. Through the profound self-exploration, I came to a revolutionary discovery: “If your emotions and state of mind affect your breathing, your breathing can affect your emotions and the state of mind.” Since then, Pranayama and Subtle Inner Energies became main focus of my yoga work.



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Today, I am a trilingual teacher, who brings together 30+ years of spiritual-yoga trajectory, and 6000 hours of local and international teaching. I live in San Diego CA and lead workshops and group and private classes on stress management and emotional balance in the US, Latin America and Russia.
Looking back, I can say that having lived with anxiety, made me re-connect to my Self, taught me to Breathe and allowed me understand Compassion and re-define Self Love. Those are the only tools needed to transcend and heal.

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