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                                                                                                                    “If your emotions and state of mind affect your breathing, your breathing can affect your emotions and state of mind”Yana Kazbekova E-RYT500

Making Peace with Your Self is a fusion of guided meditation, pranayama, energy healing or mindful eating. This sacred healing ceremony is brought together by a long time yoga practitioner and teacher, who lived with severe anxiety, insomnia and oxidative stress for a couple of decades of life.
Philosophy behind Making Peace with Your Self: When you reconnect to your breathing, you get in touch with your own subtle inner energies, which we commonly call ‘Your Self”. When you focus on your breath, you give your mind a break. And, when the restless mind is not on the way, our body activates its healing mechanisms where they are most needed.
Unlike large group workshops, an individual session allows us to create an intimate safe space FOR YOU to open, contemplate, experience and flow. Pranayama and meditation practices are caringly and knowingly selected, to help you in the transition from confrontation to peaceful acceptance. Compassionate and delicate energy healing allows you to relax and integrate the effects of the breathing and meditation. Mindful eating ceremony is a great practice of awareness, it gets you in touch with your senses, expands the enjoyment of the moment and places you in the Now.


This private 2-hr workshop/healing ceremony is for those who:

  • suffer from anxiety, chronic or acute stress, sleep or eating disorders;
  • live / work in highly competitive and peer pressure environments;
  • experience extended emotional exhaustion and are on a quest for healing.





  • 2 hrs private session in the comfort of your home.
  • NO previous experience necessary.
  • Non-restrictive clothing, cushions, blankets, yoga mat or chairs are recommended for comfortable sitting.
  • A glass of water for hydration.
  • Have a meal NO less than 1 hour before the session.

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