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Who is Being Yoga

Yana Kazbekova (ERYT500) is the inspiration behind Being Yoga Breath & Colors. Since young age, Yana has been traveling and living in different parts of her native former USSR and the world, learning yoga and meditation with teachers from Russia, Ukraine, Mexico, India and United States.

Her first encounter with yoga took place in Ukraine, where, at the age of 13 she was diagnosed with scoliosis and set her focus on keeping her body and mind healthy. Her formal structured studies of yoga began in early 2000s at Namaste Yoga & Pilates (Mexico City), where she learned about the healing side of this discipline. She became a Teacher in 2008, under the guidance of Shashi Pottathil from Kerala (India), who taught her the science and wisdom of yoga.

In 2011 Yoga Alliance recognized the founder of Being Yoga, Yana Kazbekova, as an Experienced Yoga Teacher – ERYT500. Today, Yana counts with over 5000 hours of teaching workshops, group and private lessons to adults and seniors in the United States and internationally. She is a trilingual instructor, who conducts her classes in fluent English, Spanish and Russian.

Yana brings to her classes more than 20 years of multicultural yoga background, her vast life experience, and different spiritual and yoga traditions she is learning on her journey. She unfolds before you beautiful and endless ways to live yoga, so you never get bored of your practice. Each class is a self-discovery and a little step forward to the rejuvenation, healthy immunity and happiness. With her you will find a bit of seriousness, a touch of humor and a perfect balance between the exercise and the reasons behind the practice. You will take home simple, free and always available tools that aid you on your way towards body–mind–soul balance, commonly known as HEALTH. 

Meet Yana

“I was born in Siberia and spent a big part of my life traveling to different parts of Russia, Mexico and the US, learning yoga and yoga philosophy. If you asked me who my teacher was, I couldn’t name just one person. Mentioning renowned names would diminish the value of all other authentic sources of wisdom I found during the decades of my yogic journey. Every person is a Teacher to me, because every person I come across with gives me a unique lesson. Having lived in three countries and grown in multinational environments, I was lucky to learn yoga from different cultural perspectives. On my way, I’ve met a number of great teachers, have read a number of books, have gone through several life and health challenges, completed hundreds of hours of yoga training and have certain knowledge under my belt. All this is what I am and all this is what I’m here to share with you. Technically, what happens in my yoga classes is a mixture of explanation and practice of pranayama, asanas, meditation and relaxation. However, if you are looking for a competitive, intense, “who-does-it-better” type of environment, my classes are not right for you.

What most of my students come to me for is the Magic of inner exploration and transformation. Every lesson is a gradual, ascendant discovery of your true beauty. Going gently and accurately, I teach about your innate healing capacity, creating a space for you to feel safe, uninhibited and free. The key word here would be “Being”. There is no syllabus to follow. The inspiration starts to flow once I stand in front of the group. It doesn’t come from me, but goes through me, to address the need of every person: a beginner or an experienced yogi.

I am not attached to any yoga style in particular. Real yoga doesn’t know such a thing as a style. It’s just yoga and it is vast. It is not about style, but confident and disciplined practice. So, I invite you to transcend the limitations of the style and embark to a journey back to your very being…”



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