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One of the main topics I devoted my yogic career to is Emotional Balance. Tough life episodes in my past, my longtime yoga practice and international teaching experience, altogether gave me a better understanding of how to approach inner disharmony in an effective yogic way.

Below there are the THREE formats I caringly developed to better address your personal needs:

  • 6-week Transformation Program
  • Healing Meditative Ceremony
  • Regular Private Yoga Session

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Emotional Transformation Program

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Emotional Transformation Program “Making Peace with YourSelf” is a six-week one-on-one program meticulously elaborated to help you break through the patterns that cause you physical and emotional response to stress triggers, that we commonly call ANXIETY. This program is for people who for extended periods of life have been suffering from anxiety, emotional exhaustion, stress, sleep disorders or anxious eating. People, whose professional, personal and even intimate life is currently affected by those symptoms.

The program will NOT find you a Read more…

Private Healing Meditative Ceremony

Making Peace with Your Self is a private healing meditative ceremony, held in the comfort of your home. It is a fusion of guided meditation, pranayama, energy healing or mindful eating. This sacred ceremony is brought together by a long time yoga practitioner and teacher, who lived with severe anxiety, insomnia and oxidative stress for a couple of decades of life.

Philosophy behind Making Peace with Your Self:  When you reconnect to your breathing, you get in…. read more.

Making Peace with Your Self private ceremony
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Private Yoga Sessions

It is the most effective personalized form of training, and the best way to build your body and breath awareness. In these sessions we work with postural misalignment, mild emotional/hormonal imbalance, back/hip/neck pain, post-stroke recovery, among others. Read more…

In our private classes we usually combine three yoga approaches. Click the links to learn more about them.

Subtle Energy Yoga /   Yoga at the Wall /   Pranayama: Catalyst of Change


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