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Join us for the group classes on Tuesdays 7:30 p.m. at Mt. Yoga Studio #12234 Poway Rd, Suite 202, Poway, CA 92064.

In our 75 min long class we create a safe and beautiful space, a true laboratory, where we explore all the different approaches in yoga in a harmonious eclectic way.

Studio rates for our group classes: $20.00 – single class, $70.00 – 5 classes pass, $120.00 – 10 classes pass.

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Subtle Energy Yoga

In this class you go beyond your skin and muscles, to discover that part of your Being you forgot you had or did not dare to meet. With the help of numerous breathing techniques, you become capable of centering and quieting your mind. And that’s when a real transformation begins! The combination of physical movement and yogic breath makes your inner energy flow and vibrate. With no mind chatter on the way, you become able to follow that beautiful subtle process, fully aware of how it affects your inner feelings and sensations.You keep your eyes closed almost all the time, because you don’t need them. You start feeling your posture inside out, with every breath and every cell. That inner “vision” changes your whole perspective of the yogic asanas. It changes the way you see your body. It changes your relationship with your Self, uncovering the beauty of your silent mind.

Wall Yoga

It is necessary, every once in a while, to get back to your mentor to touch the base, reaffirm your knowledge and get wiser understanding of your process. In a same way, it is necessary to get back to the wall from time to time, to check your alignment, to open your joints and to release the accumulated stress with the support of the wall. There are numerous ways to use the wall to open certain parts of the body, in preparation for more advanced or even common yoga asanas, such as Downward Facing Dog or variations of Warrior. Not every class is dedicated to the wall. We do it from time to time, as an overall check up or to work with a concrete body part.

Pranayama in Depth

This is an in depth journey into the world of breath. The basics of yogic breath, as well as different techniques are put in practice here. This is a class where a detailed explanation of benefits of a proper breathing is interlaced with a hands-on practice and exploration. We discuss the pros of deep diaphragmatic breathing, as it is opposed to shallow breathing.We learn how to use this powerful tool to relax, concentrate, energize, decompress and reinforce our immunity. Every regular class starts with 15 minutes of breathing. But the entire class can also be dedicated to the technical and practical magic of breath.


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