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Matte Onyx n Afghan Jade Mala


Re-Connect Meditation mala / Jewelry set. 108 beads on magnet, hand-knotted on a silk cord.

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This mala belongs to my newest collection of Re-Connect Malas. Re-Connect mala is a creative solution to spiritual girls who are also fashionistas. This mala is on magnets and can be easily divided into a necklace and a longer piece that can either be used around the neck or wrapped around the wrist as a bracelet. Magnets quickly re-connect these two pieces back into a full length meditation mala. Brilliant!

This piece is hand-made of matte Black Onyx, with absolutely beautiful Afghan Jade guru bead. Black Onyx is Self control, decision-making, intuition and protection. It helps to release mental stress, promote emotional well-being and protect you, as it absorbs negative energy of people. Black Onyx is associated with the planet Saturn, which will bring a positive vibe for those born in the shadow of the planet Saturn. In the Indian tradition it is said to help people to forget about their past relationships and bring people in tune with the present. Black onyx symbolize purity. According to ancient legend, the dark color of the stone is due to absorb much negative energy.

Jade is said to bless whatever it touches, serving mankind across the globe for nearly 6,000 years. It is the stone of calm in the midst of storm. Its action balances nerves, soothes cardiac rhythm, and traditionally guards against illness. Green Jade is beneficial for travels, it also fosters chi – Life Force energy. Green Jade is a crystal of love. It is supportive of new love, and increases trustworthiness and fidelity.

The beads in this mala are 8mm in diameter. The full length, including guru bead is 22 inches.


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