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Petrified Wood Jasper Meditation Mala


Meditation mala: 108 beads, hand-knotted on silk cord.

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This mala is handmade of petrified wood jasper, with black agate accents and guru bead.

It is believed that petrified wood jasper engenders calm and promotes contentment within the wearer’s life. A sense of healthy roots or healthy body can be attained with the powerful energies of this fossilized stone. Petrified wood is a well-known grounding stone that helps the wearer in stabilizing his emotions and feelings. Fears, which are based on the survival of an individual, can be calmed by the presence of this stone. It also encourages the one to be practical in life, which helps him to endure more efficiently in the world.

The guru bead is a beautiful round Black Agate – a grounding and protective crystal that gives a calming peace, helping during periods of bereavement. Black Agate gives inner strength to move on and keeps one steady in a strong decision-making process.

The beads are 8 mm in diameter. The full length of this mala, including guru bead and a tassel is 24 inches.


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