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Red Matte Quartz Re-Connect Mala


Re-Connect Meditation mala / Jewelry set. 108 beads on magnet, hand-knotted on a silk cord.

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This mala belongs to my newest collection of Re-Connect Malas. Re-Connect mala is a creative solution to spiritual girls who are also fashionistas. This mala is on the magnets and can be easily divided into a necklace and a longer piece that can either be double wrapped around the neck or four times wrapped around the wrist as bracelet. Magnets quickly re-connect these two pieces into a meditation mala. Brilliant!

This mala is made of Red Matte Quartz. It’s also known as tangerine quartz or strawberry quartz. It strongly connects to the element of fire, and to the second chakra. Red quartz is the stone of creative problem-solving and can also strengthen one’s sense of willpower. This stone can be used either to revive the creative impulse in a person who feels blocked or to harmonize creativity between people working together on a project. Tangerine quartz can help with building and maintaining a sense of confidence. It can improve the ability to learn and to digest experiences. It can help make sense of apparent chaos. Tangerine quartz can become an ally to those who wish to enact the “law of attraction.”

Imperial Jasper is also known as Royal Imperial Jasper. It is found in Mexico. Imperial Jasper is a highly nurturing stone, that provides balance and brings peace in times of stress.

The beads are 10 mm in diameter. The full length of this mala, including guru bead is 28 inches.


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