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Woke up this morning with this realization. It was, as usual, like a flash, like a lightening… fast and well assertive. It shook my whole body, my heart and made me write it down.
It took me about 40 minutes though 🙂 trying to bring the best words together, staying faithful to the message that came in a blink of an eye.
“What do YOU want?
What is YOUR desire, YOUR goal, YOUR dream?
Be clear on that. Lack of that clarity keeps you unsatisfied, stuck and sad in the end. Stubborn pains and aches in your body are a sign of your stagnation, of your insistent longtime unwillingness to see for yourself.
Take a minute, reconnect with your heart, find your passion there, get in touch with your vision of a better, happier you. Openly state it. Believe it. And GO FOR IT!!!!! (you, lazy sucker!)”
Could not be a better kick in the butt than this.