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Don’t be a jerk to your body

Taking regular painkillers is like telling to your body: “Shut up and let me keep my habits.”
It’s about same as it means when you repeatedly say to your kid: “I’m busy, go play with your tablet” or “Don’t talk to me when I’m busy.”
It is about same as deliberately doing things that hurt your partner.
It is shutting down your body scream at you “Help me!”. It is bullying your body language and neglecting its messages “You are harming me.” …. JUST OUT OF A HABIT.

So, leave that phone in your purse/countertop when you go to sleep. Switch that soda for fruit infused mineral water.
Chew your bites more, instead of sipping on the ice water when you eat.
Munch a medjool date when craving for a candy.
Add a handful of green leaves to your smoothie.
Park your car further from the store entrance.
Choose buying “less amount of better quality” than “bigger quantify of junk”.
Opt for health over convenience.
Don’t be a jerk to YOUR BODY.
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