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Awareness = blessing

Awareness IS the blessing you are asking for in a prayer. So, instead of praying and worrying, be in the NOW. Being aware is the best (if not the only) way of honoring the Creator.
Elaborating on the topic….
So, you don’t need to keep asking for the same every day (to bless your food, your driving, your flying, your day, your success, etc)… You need to set an intention and go… trusting and living/experiencing every step of the way… attentive and fully aware as you drive, as you eat, as you do all that you’re asking God to bless you for… That’s the God’s and your presence itself… as ONE….
Or, in other words… you gotta help God to help you….
Remember that fable about “God, make me a millionaire” and a lottery ticket? Well, it is similar to that… but not only in terms of putting an effort to achieve smth, but also and most importantly, about being totally aware….
When you eat – EAT! Chew, savor, smell, swallow, enjoy….
When you drive – DRIVE! Look straight, keep an eye around, breathe and move the steering wheel.
When you talk – TALK! From the heart, with respect, in the flow, with truth, kindness, knowledge and intention…
But don’t talk when you eat, neither check your phone when you drive…. As much as you pray prior to that, you’ll still expose yourself and will miss the point.